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What to know before I buy a mascot?

Feeling anxious about buying your first mascot? It’s completely normal. Let us ease your worries by highlighting some common mascot pitfalls.

Mascots can fail.

Imagine if people can’t remember your mascot. That means no brand identity. Or, if they walk past without a second glance. That’s zero engagement. Worse still, if no one talks or posts about your mascot. That’s no exposure at all.

Take this example I found on Google. Despite watching the 2012 London Olympics, I have no memory of Wenlock and Mandeville. Have you ever heard of them?

Let us guide you away from these mistakes and towards creating a memorable mascot that truly represents your brand.

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Famous mascots have simple and relatable names like Ted (Bear), Rich Uncle PennyBags (Monopoly) or Ronald MacDonald. Just like a parent naming a child – it is a big responsibility. It determines the mascot’s character as well as how people view and interact with it. We suggest that you carefully select a catchy name that aligns with your brand’s identity. Especially with humankind’s deteriorating ability to remember anything and everything. Please, avoid confusing names.

Photo credits from our client, Genting Cruise

Wenlock and Mandeville were crafted with a rich backstory, but they failed to win over the public. They symbolize the last two drops of British steel used for the London 2012 Olympic Stadium, designed to reflect people, places, and things across the UK with their shiny exterior. Yet, they faced criticism online, with some saying they looked like leftovers from a kids’ TV show. At its core, a mascot must be relatable to engage with the public. It’s crucial to focus on your mascot’s story as much as its appearance.

Struggling to choose a design and story? Consider hosting a ‘Design our Brand Mascot’ contest. Make sure your target audience makes up the majority of the voters. If they have a hand in its creation, they’re more likely to embrace your mascot once it’s introduced.

Photo credits from our client, German European Singapore School (GESS) Facebook Page

GESS held a school-wide poll to find an animal that matched their values. The Lynx cat was selected for its suitable characteristics. Then, our mascot designer collaborated with GESS to create the mascot’s look. Being heard can make your mascot stand out. Take active steps to avoid a mascot that gets no attention.

Having a brand mascot to enhance your brand is thrilling! Keep it authentic and enjoyable. This way, your audience can truly connect with it. We wish you an awe-inspiring journey in building your very own mascot.

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